How Do Practitioners Benefit From Using MY Care PSP?

04 Feb 2022

Medical practitioners have a tough job, combining several roles, such as medical, administrative, and humane.


  • need to be up to date with the latest medical information, insights, and updates regarding patient care;
  • prepare and submit an enormous amount of documentation, which is time-consuming & distracting them from their leading role.

In addition, the global pandemic added a few more challenges to everyday practitioner life – they need to stay humble and humane in healthcare systems that are under pressure by the incoming patient waves while protecting themselves from the SARSCoV2 virus. 

What should be the correct response to these challenges? Of course, the adoption of digital health solutions! The pandemic significantly enhanced the adoption of digital healthcare solutions:

  • 2000% reported an increase in visits, a direct-to-consumer telemedicine app, nationwide from January to March 2020 (Accenture report)
  • 900% reported an increase in the use of telehealth services with a virtual care provider partnered with nearly 800 hospitals (Accenture report)

With most in-person care visits on hold, the use of virtual care services exploded during the pandemic. Nearly overnight, digital healthcare was infused into the clinical workday as patients and providers equally were forced to become fast adopters.

Our response to this pandemic is called MY Care PSP. Together with SAT Healthwe created a synergetic digital solution. It securely engages practitioners, medical laboratories, and caregivers for better patient outcomes. We combine our proven technical platform with years of know-how on the patient journey, regulatory requirements, and data analytics.

Partners from the healthcare sector benefit from improved medication adherence and persistence, a higher share of voice, aggregate real-world patient data, and regulatory compliance.

MY Care PSP can easily be described as a medical CRM but cannot be oversimplified just like that. Its tools are designed in collaboration with key stakeholders in the healthcare sector and allow for unprecedented customization and workload. Patient support programs, for example, are configured independently, patient pathways run simultaneously, diseases and medications are defined meticulously, rules and regulations integrate seamlessly.

MY Care PSP is derived from the proprietary MY Care modular platform to answer growing industry demands for digitalized healthcare and digitally managed patient support programs. The system is built on Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, granting businesses access to powerful patient data collection and interpretation tools.

The following three highlighted texts are some of the ways your practice can benefit from MY Care PSP:

Improved patient retention, monitoring, and prevention due to enhanced tracking and administration: MY Care PSP supports & reorganizes the patient experience through features, such as automatic appointment reminders, access to and delivery of pre-and post-procedure instructions, and data graphs templates for better analysis of patient data.

Accenture’s 2019 Digital Healthcare Consumer Report found that:

  • 68% of patients say they are more likely to choose medical providers that offer them the ability to book, change or cancel appointments online
  • 70% of patients say they will choose medical providers who send emails or text messages when it is time for preventative or follow-up care
  • 57% of patients expect doctors to send automated text, voice, or email reminders urging them to schedule appointments or take medications

Case by case-patient administration: Each enrolled patient receives its tracking number. Manage their medical progress, guiding them through the stages of their patient journey.

Elaborate Patient Pathway Customization: Define the steps in your patient pathway – patient enrollment to exit calls and everything in-between. Practitioners can add intake reminders and promotional materials delivery and then track their implementation.

To discover the vast features of MY Care PSP, please, visit the website.

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