Manager of the Year 2019

04 Dec 2019


Congratulations, Mladen, for winning the IT Manager of the Year Award. Mladen Georgiev, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of our healthcare consulting company, has been named Innovations CIO of the Year at the 2019 CIO Awards, a contest initiated by the Bulgarian CIO magazine and CIO club in Bulgaria. Mladen was the big winner in his category. CIO Magazine celebrated its 12th official award ceremony. He scooped up two of the four prizes, also winning the Traditional Special Award in memory of Yavor Dimitrov – one of the founders and board members of the CIO club in Bulgaria.


The annual CIO Awards recognize Chief Information Officers of listed companies, large corporations, state-owned entities, and government institutions. The IT Manager of the Year Award is for outstanding performance, utilization of information technologies potential, proven efficiency, and innovative approach. Over 100 top CIOs, CEOs, VIPs, and business partners attend the event annually to enjoy networking, entertainment, and delicious catering.

CEO Says:

Yordan Iliev upon Mladen Georgiev: “Mladen and I were working 16-hour shifts at the NSSI. We were 100% committed to upgrading their IT capacity because we felt it was not up to modern standards. The NSSI is an institution of strategic importance and has considerable resources, so we focused mainly on establishing protocols, improving processes, and training core skills.” Trust and professionalism were the two pillars that defined their friendship when they set out to create MY Synergy in 2019.

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