MY Care PSP is Part of the “Almanac+” – Innovations in Healthcare by Magazine “Capital”

06 Apr 2022

The “Capital” magazine and the biopharmaceutical company AbbVie are seeking the magic in the stories of thousands of patients rescued by their doctors, for 4th year in a row. They are seeking the magic in the power of hundreds of doctors to save, to be the best of the best, to overcome losses, to distribute their talent unreservedly around the clock, and the magic of being first in their field, the magic of creating or continuing successful academia in the treatment of incurable diseases.

All stories of cured patients are similar but different – in their despair, in the power to seek a solution in the darkest times of their life, in the joyful meetings with a talented and dedicated doctor, in the will to join his team trust your future, the anxiety of your loved ones, the uncertainty distracted by the light of knowledge and the power of medicine, the smiling faces of the victors and the incredible professional satisfaction after each saved patient, the adoration in the eyes of the sick. The incredibly different stories of the lost patients are similar – with all the injustice of what happened, with all the efforts made by doctors, with all the pain that medicine is not omnipotent, with all the experience of medics over and over again the betrayal of the body and the soul of the sick, of his refusal to fight, of the fact that all the experience, knowledge and strength are sometimes not enough to save a life.

We will be happy to hear our story and why we made MY Care PSP.

All projects in the book are magic stories about the power of innovation in healthcare.

All projects in the book are incredibly successful and accumulate knowledge and data, that improve ongoing & upcoming patient treatments.
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