Our CEO is Part of Beyond Pre-accelerator’s Mentors Pool

28 Jul 2021

We are happy to announce that our CEO, Yordan Iliev, who is a digital evangelist in healthcare and a digital entrepreneur is part of Beyond pre-accelerator’s mentor pool for a second season this year. MY Synergy has supported Beyond’s team with setting up the digital infrastructure!
It is a huge gift to have informal mentors as they usually have a powerful effect in your life in propelling an individual forward and enabling them to understand how to successfully operate as an entrepreneur in real-world business.
Mentorship is not a one-way relationship, it is a complicated mutual learning process.
Working with younger and inexperienced entrepreneurs helps a mentor to enhance their skills as team leaders. If a mentor is professional and well-trained mentees will feel like they are in safe hands and gain value for their business.
Being a mentor is a rare opportunity to step outside your everyday social surroundings – family, relatives, friends, and social media’s echo chamber and gain a warm insight of how the world looks through someone else’s eyes. Mentors are inspired by smart and dedicated people ready to reach the top and beyond. New perspectives lead to fresh new ideas.