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Our IT Blog Has Been Launched

17 Jul 2020

Healthcare organizations process personal information and patient profiles, which are pieces of sensitive information. It is very important for every health organization to be secured and protected with the right tools. Technology is changing fast everyday. Decision makers within a health organization must focus on implementing the newest tech and security methods in order to protect the information and data circulating within the organization. It is crucial to push the limits of the IT assets in the organization because not the most expensive technology is best for us but the one we took time to fully integrate based on our corporate architecture.

At MY Synergy, we have passion for innovations and security in Healthcare. We help companies in their efforts to transition to the Microsoft cloud. We always try to keep balance between protection and usability,therefore security is one of the main threads we are attached to.

We present you our IT Blog:
It has been created by our tech guru and CTO Mladen Georgiev, to share useful tips and hints for making IT professionals’ life easier.
Stay tuned in for guides that will help you overcome real world challenges.



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