Value-based healthcare via PowerApps. Why do we value digital health & care? – Overview

10 Dec 2021

MY Synergy is a subject-matter expert in healthcare. We deliver customized digital solutions to complex challenges facing healthcare. Digital transformation improves healthcare systems through digital solutions and proper usage of data and analytics. We had a valuable online discussion on the topic – of digital transformation and digital health. We stated why we value digital health & care. Our guest speakers were from diverse locations and occupations. However, everyone at the round table had something in common – Healthcare and Technology – the needed synergy that brings positive Outcomes to patients, healthcare professionals, and society.
Our CEO, Yordan Iliev, shared a decent example of excellent data usage – what do air flights and healthcare have in common – safety and correct data usage.
Our special guest speakers Ruthy Kaidar – Director Health Industry Sector, Central & Eastern Europe and Kalin Dimchev – Country Manager Microsoft Bulgaria & Regional Country Manager Lead shared Microsoft’s vision about the development of healthcare and digital technologies.
One of Ruthy’s key messages was: Access to quality healthcare service (data) brings positive Outcomes to patients, healthcare professionals, and society.
Kalin shared his insights about our digital patient-centric platform – MY Care PSP. Collaboration with a company like Microsoft, operating in many markets, allows different companies working with patient support programs to use a single platform that enables data aggregation. From a technological point of view, MY Care PSP, created on PowerApps, is a product made and standardized so it can be launched in different countries and meet the needs of diverse markets – one product, many markets. It has fast roll-out & ROI since our enterprise-grade application was live in less than three months.
Mira Ganova, CEO at Digital Health and Innovation Cluster Bulgaria, explained what an ecosystem is and why it is critical for the specific case of healthcare. The collaboration in ecosystems reduces the path to creating a digital solution that adequately responds to the patient’s and healthcare needs thanks to the expertise and specific knowledge of all participants in the organization. A great example of the successful partnership approach is the work between MY Synergy, Microsoft and SAT Health.
Dr. Rosen Dimitrov, our final guest speaker, delivered a conclusion on the needs and pain points of the pharma market. He also explained what pharmaceutical companies are looking for; why MY Care PSP meets every requirement – security, compliance, and interoperability.
Our CTO, Mladen Georgiev, made a live demonstration of MY Care PSP. He showed the most critical use-cases of the system – enabling Patient Support Programs and activating Patient Pathways. Additionally, Mladen explained the use of the HL7 FHIR Data Standard.
In the final moments of the round table discussion Alexander Alexiev, CEO of SAT Health – our innovative customer, revealed the secret to the success of our digital solution – MY Care PSP.
Thanks to the great alignment and emerging synergy within our team, we keep running to deliver the best possible digital solutions for healthcare.