MYCare V
MYCare V is a your All-in-One Vaccination Aggregator, containing the pandemic through data. MYCare V is an enterprise-grade software designed to evaluate the performance of vaccines by cataloging and analyzing health data.

MYCare V

MYCare V is an enterprise-grade software designed to evaluate the performance of vaccines by cataloging and analyzing health data. The platform is centered on providing tools for quantitative research, such as the evaluation of specific immune responses and vaccine compliance monitoring.

The platform contributes to the improvement of vaccination safety, delivery techniques, and patient compliance by aggregating a vast amount of real-world data and preparing it for further interpretation. The reliability of the data gathered helps reduce vaccine hesitancy and plays a key role in the decision-making processes of government, research, and pharma officials. MYCare V allows for unprecedented customization and workload. It supports advanced features such as a vaccine calendar track-and-notify system, as well as in-platform vaccine awareness and patient communication capabilities.

MYCare V is part of the proprietary MY Care modular platform, created to answer growing industry demands for digitalized healthcare, and in particular – standardized data gathering and analysis regarding the exploitation of existing and newly developed vaccines. The system is built on Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, granting businesses access to Big Data collection and interpretation tools in the form of Microsoft Power Platform, Dataverse, Azure FHIR Connector, and PowerBI.

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Adapt with Power Platform

MY Care V can adapt to specific business goals. Whether they are data gathering, automation of core processes, or patient behavior analysis, the system’s Power Platform foundation will answer your needs. MY Care V also grants the possibility to gauge efficiency with powerful tools, such as Microsoft Dataverse and PowerBI.


MYCare PSP seamlessly communicates with data sources, such as Azure IoT, allowing instantaneous access to connected amenities and wearables, as well as sensor data tracking via standard APIs and microservices. The system also supports cross-cloud integration with other Microsoft products, such as M365 and Dynamics365, to ensure business continuity.

Healthcare Data Model Harmonization (HL7 & FHIR)

MY Care V allows for the sharing and reutilizing of components from Microsoft’s Healthcare Data Model. In addition, all components and data sets are designed based on the HL7 FHIR standards framework to ensure data interoperability across multiple systems and vendors.

3rd Party Integration

MY Care V supports 3rd party platforms and applications, further boosting its functionality with options such as phone call system integration, virtual agents and parcel delivery tracking. Add these features to your MY Care V to deliver next-level patient support.

Multi-level Security

By leveraging functionalities found in the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare platform, MY Care V is able to provide multiple layers of security. The system improves this already secure foundation across the physical, infrastructural and operational dimensions by utilizing Microsoft Azure and a role-based security model at the application level.

Uncompromising Compliance

MY Care V is designed to meet the most demanding compliance requirements, while also providing full user audit trail visibility and personal data privacy. Data classification and data disposal functionalities are also included.