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Our Unique Proposition

Exceptional expertise, tailored solutions

MY Synergy is an IT consultancy dedicated to the improvement of healthcare through digitalization. As professionals with technical backgrounds, we trust in technology’s potential to dramatically enhance the work of medical workers. But while innovations have long since entered the operating rooms, the administration of systems and processes within heath institutions can sometimes be overlooked. It is our belief that the management of these processes should be treated to the same digital standard as medical equipment. This is why, in 2019, we embarked on this mission with a clear goal – to empower national and

international health organizations through systemization, automation and digital augmentation. We draw experience from decades of work in leading hospitals, where we spearheaded their digital transformation efforts. This, along with experience in numerous other pharma and health management projects, allows us to deliver in-depth solutions to the many complex challenges facing the health industry. Be it a custom patient management system, a specialized data center or a business application – each service is unique and tailor-made.


Years of Experience

In Short

MY Synergy’s dedicated team of professionals delivers highly customized IT solutions in the healthcare industry. Our vast experience ensures that your issues will be resolved and your processes improved.

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Client Testimonials

What decision-makers think about our work

We are glad to have MY Synergy as our business partner. A team of young people with multitude of perspectives and full of energy who are focused on quality of their services. They have experience in the healthcare sector and their everyday efforts are dedicated to improvement and providing solutions. Together we develop a platform on Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare what makes our mission for better healthcare closer and achievable.
Alexander Alexiev
SAT Health
MY Synergy has the competencies to reimagine healthcare. We have been collaborating with them for 2 years on different projects. We are impressed by their focus and ability to handle multiple tasks and successfully accomplish projects step-by-step.
Mira Ganova
DHI Cluster
Our organization supports MY Synergy on their journey of digital transformation and optimization of healthcare. They are consistent and dedicated - delivering every promised content on time. This is highly valued in our organization.
Deyan Denev
MY Synergy is the go to vendor for us who fully covers our strict ISO 27001 certified security policies and help us achieve even more by driving our need of cutting edge secure innovative technologies in Azure and Microsoft 365.
Alexander Alexiev
SAT Health
In a service provider we look for quality, reliability and on-time delivery. MY Synergy has always delivered all three without exception, a rarity in any industry.
Mancho Manchev
MSD Bulgaria
Our hospital is part of MY Synergy's innovative project for optimization of hospital processes. Their modern approach and technologies used are transforming healthcare, making it digital and more efficient. The project for optimization of hospital processes helped us to shorten the patient's path to therapies and to achieve better health results.
Branimir Spasov
Understanding the problem

What needs fixing, what can be improved

The healthcare industry faces both daily and longstanding challenges. Beside the health aspect, many institutions struggle to administrate the many interconnected and incredibly complicated processes that define any health organization. Often, the realization that a process can be improved or an issue resolved is enough to kickstart a management project. This could be an understanding at the board level that resources are not fully optimized, a concern at the management level that market exposure is low, or alarm at the practitioners’ level that patient flow is incohesive. Our experience has demonstrated that in most cases there is causality between the different issues, and a holistic approach could solve or improve all of them.

Inventing the solution

How to turn deficiency into efficiency

MY Synergy starts any healthcare management project with a comprehensive analysis of the institution’s current operations, in addition to a deep dive into the organization’s commercial and strategic goals. This allows us to plan our IT solutions carefully and tailor them to the organization’s particular case. Once the solution is designed and approved, our team stands ready to implement it, monitor its performance and carry out staff training to further improve its application within the organization. We see ourselves as long-term partners engaged in the continuing wellbeing of the clients we serve. If there is one thing in common across all of our services, it is optimization – the creation of financial, human and administrative headroom through persistent digitalization.

Yordan Iliev

On the outside, MY Synergy is a digital consultancy providing IT services to the healthcare sector. But at our core, we are healthcare enthusiasts committed to the betterment of patients’ lives and wellbeing through digitalization.

Our most senior officers, and I, have all had the privilege to work in hospitals. It is there that we witnessed the enormous energy and determination that medical workers bring to their job every day. Their selflessness inspired us to create MY Synergy and to infuse it with the same humanity and care that we now provide to our clients.

Yordan Iliev
CEO, MY Synergy

What we can offer

Business Consulting

We bring deep, functional healthcare domain expertise, but are known for our holistic approach.

IT Consulting

We help you create & successfully transition a tech-driven digital strategy & improve operations by optimizing your processes

Design and Marketing

Our expert team of website developers and digital strategists provides solid, smart, and time-tested digital marketing strategies that cater to the needs of your business.

Reaching New Heights

Each problem has a solution. And when the solution is right, the drawback becomes an advantage. Here are some of those stories.

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We, as people, are personally related to the Healthcare system – relatives as patients or practitioners. We, as a company are dedicated to improving the Healthcare system for the community. The Synergy we create from our personal and professional experience, helps us provide tailored and personalized solutions to our clients. We are dedicated to improving healthcare for the communities that our clients serve — this is part of our stated mission. The Synergy has been found 2019.

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