MY Integrated Management System
Comprehensive risk management toolset for ISO certification and supervision of ISO-certified systems

MY Integrated Management System

MY IMS is a software that allows companies to define, manage and resolve risk in order to comply with ISO protocols and maintain existing ISO-based systems.

MY IMS manages risk through a registry of interchangeable components, making it easier for management and employees to certify, operate and maintain ISO-based systems. MY IMS is purpose-built to manage risk in the context of organizational standardization. It aims to facilitate and assist in the certification of ISO protocols by providing the necessary tools to define, control and treat risk.

Users of the system are able to input entries relating to business issues, identify associated risk, and devise a plan on how to treat it. MY IMS follows established ISO guidelines on how to approach and deal with risk, making its core functionality ISO-compliant itself.

 ISO certification becomes easier as risk definitions and assessments can be reused in different cases

Certify the organization with any ISO standards
Manage precise quality control
Ensure optimal efficiency and performance

 Take advantage of cloud-based accessibility and MS cloud-based apps

Data security is ensured by Azure’s intrinsic multilayered defense against malintent
Full integration with MY OM package, allowing for simultaneous risk/operations management
Microsoft PowerBI compatibility allows for risk analysis & interpretation

 Tangible Benefits

Comprehensive ISO certification: Improved risk control due to wide range of certifiable ISO protocols
Optimized certification: Reusable entries form a database of components, which can then be reused in ISO certification
Trackable risk: Reduced chance of risk escalation due to concise control and treatment procedures

Proof & Statistics

50% overall decrease in time spent on risk management due toclear and intuitive interface
100% increase in opportunity identification due to role attribution, leading to wider team involvement
20 to 50% increase in the overall business integrity and robustness due to ISO integration within all business processes