What is Digital Transformation in Healthcare

The fundamental purpose of digital transformation is to replace traditional, outdated solutions and processes with modern ones by leveraging the latest technologies. Statista states that digital transformation has already surpassed $1.3 trillion worldwide. And the same is growing at a whopping 10.4% annually. Embracing digital transformation is no longer an option in almost every industry, and the healthcare industry is no exception. Digital transformation in healthcare has enormous potential to optimize operational processes and improve the overall patient experience while reducing costs. We use the latest technologies, methodologies, and procedures to deliver sustainable value to patients, healthcare professionals, and healthcare organizations. It’s about embracing and employing advanced technologies and innovative approaches to maximize benefits. Around 92% of healthcare professionals & institutes achieved better performance from digital transformation (Deloitte).


Benefits of Digital Transformation For Patients

Digital transformation provides significant advantages to patients through digital healthcare solutions.

Better & More Personalized Services

The implementation of digital transformation in healthcare enables more precise health diagnoses and even better & more effective as well as personalized treatment.

Better Communication with Practitioners

Patients can obtain professional healthcare services online through video calls, chatting, treatment strategies, and receiving precise prescriptions over the healthcare portal or email.

Convenient Appointment Scheduling

Digital transformation in healthcare enables patients to schedule doctor’s appointments at the most convenient date.

Easy Access to Personal Health Data

Patients can easily access and manage their health records and even thoroughly analyze their health metrics online.

Track Health Metrics in Real-Time

Advanced technologies like Health Wearables allow patients to track their daily health metrics.

Benefits of Digital Transformation for Healthcare Institutes/Organizations

Digital transformation in healthcare brings impressive benefits to patients. But what are the benefits healthcare institutes and organizations get from it?

Reduced Costs

Digital transformation enables process automation which lets healthcare providers offer cost-effective services and eliminate unnecessary spending on traditional healthcare services.

Optimized Workflow

Digital transformation can replace the paperwork with digital records, reduce the patient examination time, and allow easier & optimized access to patient health records.

Enable Improved Interaction with Patients

Digital transformation can enable improved and more effective online interaction with patients via video calls & chats.

Secure Database for Electronic Medical Records

Digital transformation in healthcare allows you to create a secure database for encrypting, storing, and accessing patients’ private medical records and sharing them on-demand with healthcare professionals, laboratories, and medical specialists.

Benefits of Digital Transformation for the Healthcare Industry

As you just saw, digital transformation in healthcare provides a large number of benefits for both patients as well as healthcare providers. The entire sector will gain unmatchable benefits with digital transformation innovations and grow to the next level.

More Effective Internal Communication

The healthcare industry relies mainly on communication to provide patients with proper care. And digital transformation enables more efficient & smooth communication between all stakeholders.

Better Time Management

Digital transformation can significantly increase the value of time in the healthcare industry. As a result, it can save numerous lives, thanks to the 24/7 accessibility to the patient’s health records and real-time data.

Improved Healthcare Services

The healthcare industry needs to leverage advanced procedures for precise & proper diagnosis and treatment since it is patient-centric. Digital transformation allows the integration of various technologies, enabling healthcare professionals & providers with more effective and personalized patient treatment.

Digital Transformation Strategy

In conclusion, our service portfolio is based on digital services customized for healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies.

If you need guidance for your organization’s digital upgrade, please, contact us via our email office@mysynergy.bg or click on this “contact link.” Our experienced consultants will contact you and gather all the information needed to develop a customized “Road map for Digital Transformation.”

This road map includes planned actions and projects for your organization’s upgrade. Our Customer-centric “Road map for Digital Transformation” is a strategic tool that is valuable both for big hospitals and small medical centers.

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