Medical University - MU Pleven Part - Spring 2022

Medical University - Pleven [MU-Pleven] is one of the four major medical universities in Bulgaria. The institution admits hundreds of new students every year, while thousands partake in intensive medical courses. MU-Pleven is an active member in the global academic exchange via a number of specialized networks focused on faculty, students and medical innovation. In order to conduct these activities efficiently, MU-Pleven needs to improve its overall IT infrastructure and streamline much of its day-to-day work.


MU-Pleven's leadership embarked on a long-term mission to digitalize processes related to the university's faculty management, as well as its core activity - the sharing of medical knowledge among students and peers. As part of the dean's strategic vision, productivity had to be substantially improved via the standardization and unification of processes within the organization. As a secondary goal, data security had to be increased in order to support and protect the newly-found sophistication of its IT infrastructure.


We began the project with our time-tested GAP analysis. We talked to decision-makers and workers alike, dug deep into the organizational processes, dissected the business goals of the university, and looked carefully at what tactics would be able achieve the client's strategic goals. As always, this included a situational, as well as a risk analysis. The end-product of this preliminary stage was a roadmap, which featured our strategic vision, as well as the concrete stages that had to be passed to attain success.

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