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MY Synergy is a boutique digital transformation consultancy headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria. We assist companies, NGOs, and governments in their digital transition efforts and aim to increase efficiency, competitiveness, and accessibility by transitioning businesses to digital technology.

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MY Synergy is a company focused on providing services in healthcare consulting, IT services and digital marketing. Leader on guiding companies, NGOs, and governments through the dynamics of exponential change in the health & tech markets, helping HCPs design and manage their approach to the healthcare system.

Our company enables business development, optimization and digital transformation in the healthcare industry by providing expertise and digital solutions based on extensive knowledge, experience and detailed analytical information.

The complex solutions and services offered are result of a detailed analysis and tailored selection of innovative technologies to meet the specific needs and high expectations of our clients with added value to their business.
MY Synergy is a Microsoft Certified Partner and a key healthcare solution and consulting provider in the CEE region.
Since May 2019, MY Synergy is member of DHI Cluster Bulgaria.

Our story

Trust and professionalism – these were the two pillars that defined Mladen and Yordan’s friendship when they set out to create MY Synergy in 2019. A digital transformation consultancy forged by a shared vision, MY Synergy’s aim remains simple to this day – to digitalize healthcare, and to make it better.

But how does a humble, yet far-reaching idea like this, be at the center of a startup in a tech industry, whose only constant is turbulence? – Yordan says it’s about conviction.

The two co-founders first met at the National Oncology Hospital, but it was not until they got separated briefly that they realized their potential grew stronger when they worked together.

Reunited again at the National Social Security Institute (NSSI), the pair embarked on an ambitious journey to modernize and expand the institution’s IT capabilities. A restructuring project of unprecedented scale in their careers, the experience there shaped their common values, which later became the foundation of MY Synergy.

“Mladen and I were working 16-hour shifts at the NSSI. We were 100% committed to upgrading their IT capacity, because we felt it was not up to modern standards. The NSSI is an institution of strategic importance, and it has considerable resources, so we focused mainly on establishing protocols, improving processes and training core skills”, Yordan recounts.

The challenge was enough to prove that the two shared a common work ethic – set simple goals, but approach them with selfless commitment and personal responsibility. And so, this newfound conviction led to the only logical conclusion – or rather, beginning – the creation of MY Synergy.

On the day they founded the company, Mladen and Yordan promised each other two things: that they will approach any challenge with the same vigor that bonded them before, and that they will build a team of professionals with the same worldview.

Our strengths

We are dedicated to improving healthcare for the communities that our clients serve — this is part of our stated mission.

Healthcare improvements have dramatically increased life expectancy, and new treatments are improving quality of life for many populations. Yet with this progress comes daunting economic challenges. For at least 40 years, healthcare spending has outpaced GDP growth by some two percentage points in most developed countries. Across publicly and privately financed healthcare systems, escalating spending has crowded out investments in education and social services, eroded growth in personal incomes, and reduced returns on invested capital in many regions.

Most governments and healthcare industry leaders understand that spending increases cannot continue indefinitely and are looking for ways to drive innovation and efficiencies while improving health. That’s where we come in.

Krasimir Georgiev
VP of Marketing
Mladen Georgiev
Chief Technical Officer
Yordan Iliev
Chief Executive Officer

We are happy to present our new website and updated version of MY Synergy. As before we are open for new projects worldwide!

Would you like to build your digital transformation strategy or unique branding style, please say hello to our manager – office@mysynergy.bg.
And we will help you with the pleasure.


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