Lower Your Costs with Azure

There are many cloud providers available, but the one you don’t want to overlook is Microsoft Azure. As one of the main competitors to Amazon Web Services and Google, Azure is a powerful cloud computing service rapidly becoming adopted among healthcare providers of all sizes.

Azure is a great solution for businesses outgrowing their current IT environment, organizations needing to remain HIPAA compliant and store sensitive data, or companies simply needing more office space and moving to the cloud.


Servers aren’t cheap, and today, technology evolves at a rapid rate. Even top-of-the-line equipment has a shelf life, depending on how much data the server processes. In some cases, this could be as little as two years.

Businesses are shifting resources to the cloud to lower their costs. Rather than investing in additional hardware, since Azure is cloud-based, you pay only for the services you need and scale up or down as needed.

Replacing bulky hardware by migrating to Azure can not only help you save space, but it can help you lower your overall maintenance costs as well. Hardware is not a set-and-forget IT investment – security patches and updates keep your business secure. In the cloud, updates and patches are taken care of immediately. Thus, healthcare providers worry less about it.

Utility Costs

Did you know that server/computer rooms draw much power to support the servers, network, and storage and cool the space? Hardware runs 24/7 to keep your IT infrastructure, and utility costs are an often overlooked way of lowering your monthly costs. Since Microsoft Azure is cloud-based, you don’t have to pay for the utility costs of running anything with Azure which results in substantial monthly savings, particularly if you have multiple computer rooms.

Backup Solution Costs

Azure allows you to choose the data you want to protect and how long you want to protect it. Microsoft has designed Azure to be cost-effective for short- and long-term data retention. In addition, you can specify that only authorized users can perform critical backup operations. In the event of a ransomware attack, any unauthorized backup deletions will be kept for days to ensure you have adequate time to secure your environment and begin the recovery process. Virtual machines, individual files, and folders can all be restored in Azure or on-premises for free.

A ransomware attack can be a critical blow to your business. Azure’s backup capabilities will notify you if suspicious activity is detected – before your data is compromised.

IT Maintenance

Azure’s cloud computing service reduces the need and costs associated with firmware updates, patches, and other hardware maintenance. Hardware can also present security risks if the system is not updated on time. Azure is cloud-based, and because updates are always done as needed, Azure is much more secure than a company’s local environment.

Warranty Renewals

In addition to IT maintenance, warranty renewals are an added expense with hardware. Since Azure is cloud-based, this is just one more expense your business won’t have to worry about if you move to the cloud.

Ready to Lower Your IT Costs through Azure?

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