Acquired Funding

We are delighted to announce that we have obtained funding of 215,000 euros from the “National Recovery and Resilience Plan.” We have acquired this fundraising to develop an innovative platform to improve the patient experience and optimize hospital processes.
Last year, the Bulgarian Ministry of Innovation and Expansion announced a selection procedure, dubbed “Technological Modernization,” included in the “National Recovery and Resilience Plan” economic transformation program. This scheme aims to increase the efficiency of production processes, achieve higher productivity, and optimize production through subsidies to small and medium-sized enterprises. This funding is an important step for our company in developing an innovative hospital platform.
MY Synergy is a software development company that digitizes healthcare based in Bulgaria, France, and the United States, dedicated to improving patient care. We deeply believe in the potential of data to enhance patients’ well-being and healthcare professionals’ work. Our goal is to increase the quality of care by providing new tools to practitioners, hospitals, and laboratories based on the exploitation of all collectible data. Whatever their formats or origins.
Currently, MY Synergy is part of the French startup accelerator Future4Care, which brings together the major players in the health sector.
Our advanced technology streamlines patient care and improves efficiency within healthcare facilities. Our platform provides a complete solution for managing patient information, appointments, and medical records, as well as cost optimization. It integrates with all hospital information systems by aggregating laboratory results, imaging, or medical reports. It offers healthcare professionals a better user experience.
This funding will allow us to expand our team of developers and health experts to carry out our project. We are confident that our platform will significantly impact the healthcare industry and improve patient care. This first financing is a major step forward for the development of our company. It will enable us to play a vital role in improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare facilities and will help improve patient outcomes.
We look forward to bringing our innovative solution to all European hospitals.

Adel Nasraoui Managing Director Co-founder
+33 6 38 63 91 63
99 avenue Achille Peretti 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine France

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