Do Pharma Really Need Approved Emails

Let’s dive into the Veeva CRM Approved Email certification. With Healthcare professionals (HCPs), cutting the allocated time for one-on-one meetings with Sales Reps, approved emails are a compliant way for Pharmaceutical companies’ sales representatives to extend the reach and frequency of the interactions and improve engagement.
From a technical perspective, certified employees need to annually update their certification and thus, know the Veeva product and its latest features like the back of their hands. This ensures you and your team hassle-free communication, project brief and production, and an approved email directly delivered to your email box.
From a commercial point of view, you can benefit from the insights and best practices from a Veeva CRM Approved email certified partner providing guidance to take your project to the next level.
In brief, used as part of a strategic CLM & multichannel campaign, Veeva CRM Approved Email provides a compliant environment for Sales Reps to engage at their fingerprints with HCPs. And working with a certified multichannel partner ensures you make the best of Veeva CRM Approved Email.
When starting with Approved Emails, you have 2 options:
1. Using a drag-and-drop editor that enables your team to create responsive HTML templates from scratch.
2. Working with a certified Multichannel agency, the perfect “ready-to-go” partner. A Multichannel certified partner is your most trusted guide to maximize your use of Veeva CRM Approved Emails. We build specific emails that are customized individually to our client’s needs and pain points. These emails are made from scratch.
Improve efficiency and empower Sales Reps
More than helping gain time for everyone, Veeva CRM Approved Email helps engage Sales Reps more easily by delivering fast accurate information to their HCPs and by giving Sales Reps the ability to personalize the email without taking the risk of sending non-compliant emails. Those pre-approved emails can be sent directly through Veeva CRM before, during, or even after the presentation with the client.
This Veeva product can be used for diverse scenarios to interact with HCPs: confirming a meeting, when a meeting is completed, following up on CLM content, and even for event invitations, both virtual and traditional location-based, etc.
George, for example, is an Account Manager who wants to engage with Dr. Smith, a cardiologist and Key influencer in cardiology. It has been almost impossible for George to meet this very active and busy physician for the past 4 months. But he would appreciate this influential HCP attending his company’s next event.
That’s OK!
The empowered Account Manager can use Veeva CRM Approved Email followed by its functionalities to send an RSVP, last-minute reminders, and even post-event initiatives such as surveys.

Direct benefits of Approved Emails (Veeva):

Improve Productivity
Increase the frequency and quality of your reach and strengthen hybrid engagement strategies.

Engage with HCPs Anytime, Anywhere
Deliver the information your customers need and value, when and how they want it. Learn more about the power of rep-sent email.

More Customers
Achieve 92% higher click-through rates compared to the average for mass emails.

From a management point of view, approved emails offer indisputable benefits to their Sales Representative team:

Empowerment: Sales Reps are instantly enabled to connect the dots and extend reach with this up-to-date, compliant, and personalized content
Efficiency: Veeva highlights that customers using approved emails, report open rates up to 40% and an average click-through rate 6x higher than the industry average
Tracking: Every email sent through an approved email is tracked and data are stored automatically in Veeva CRM – resulting in reliable metrics integrated into your global multichannel customer interactions.

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Source: Veeva Systems | Products for Pharma + Biotech

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