Huge Announcement – F4C Approved

We are thrilled to announce that MY Synergy is officially part of the Future 4 Care eco-system(F4C). MY Synergy applied for the “digital tools and personalized care” theme provided. Yordan Iliev (CEO of MY Synergy) and Adel Nasraoui (Managing Director of MY Synergy France) pitched in front of an expert jury. We are taking part in the discussion about remote and personalized medicine.

What is F4C? The short answer:

An accelerator with a unique open-innovation ecosystem in Europe.

“Future4Care” is Europe’s only health-focused startup accelerator program. It is a joint venture of Sanofi, Capgemini, Generali, and Orange. Its objective is to accelerate the development of e-health solutions and their go-to-market for the benefit of patients and health professionals. Healthcare providers, researchers, and academics, who drive the success of digital health projects, will be fully integrated into this initiative. These include hospitals, healthcare institutions, higher education institutions, universities, and patient associations.

Future 4 Care is both a startup accelerator and an institute. It provides content on digital health and delivers reference certifications. The institute itself is a genuine knowledge center as it offers conference programs. Future 4 Care connects community members with external experts and monitors new technology and its usage.

Future4care’s startups and partners will have access to the space of nearly 6,400 square meters located in the heart of Paris. This highly-attractive building combines work, meeting, reception, and networking areas. The provided space brings together a global industry open to national and international partnerships. By housing each startup’s employees, the Future4care BioPark aims to become the European hub that encapsulates progress in digital health. Through this journey and the collaboration with partners, each startup can design, test, validate and launch concrete and innovative solutions.

Each year, the partners, founders, experts, and the entire Future4care eco-system meet to discuss the challenges and needs of the e-health market. As access to data is essential for digital health, the founding members provide startups with data relevant for their development in compliance with the applicable ethical and legal framework.

The wide Future4care ecosystem of diverse contributors includes:

  • fifteen corporate partners;
  • one hundred French and European startups;
  • health, technology, and insurance players;
  • public and private hospitals;
  • patient associations;
  • regulators;
  • schools and higher education institutions

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